Fornham Chiropractic is a modern, family-run clinic dedicated to providing the highest quality chiropractic in Bury St Edmunds.

We follow cutting edge, evidence based treatment plans for clinical excellence.

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Award Winning Chiropractors Bury St Edmunds

Looking for Chiropractors Bury St Edmunds? Fornham Chiropractic Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality chiropractic care in Fornham and Bury St Edmunds. We treat a wide range of patients with a variety of conditions, taking a patient-centred and tailored approach to healthcare.

I went to see Dan with a lower back pain and knee pain. I had had the knee pain for two years and the lower back pain even longer than that. Dan was very thorough in his assessment and was very clear about how we would proceed. Within 2 months my knee pain was completely gone which was the most pleasant surprise. My lower back has shown amazing improvement that it no longer affects my life, and we are still going on with the treatment to get even better results. Dan is a very friendly and competent professional and I am a very happy patient of more
Onur Ozcelik
21:43 11 Aug 19
I've been using fornham chiropractors for approximately 6 months, and my life has changed so much my ability to do more things , and live more comfortably is amazing . I cant thank Dan enough for his patients and professionalism . I highly recommend anyone with aches and pains etc to go and try it for yourself you wont be disappointed thanks again fornham chiropractors and dan tooread more
Gavin Walker
01:03 04 Aug 19
After 7 years of debilitating back pain, on morphine and the NHS unable/unwilling to help, found myself paying Dan at Fornham Chiropractors a visit. WHAT A GENIUS!! Oh my, cannot say enough good things about my treatment, previously unable to sleep, not bothered because of the pain, with anything or anyone, just shut myself away, totally fed up with world.Dan explained that he could help me be much more mobile (yeah thought I, of course he can!) Have to say definitely had to eat my words, after 3rd visit had my first non yes non pain day in 7 years, cried with the relief. Am now going once a month for a 'top up'. I also hesitated because of course all this costs, but if only I had known about this before I would of willing paid ANYTHING just to not have such pain. If you're wondering whether to give it a try - DO IT, if it worked for me, can't see it not working for you. Admittedly still have the odd bad day, but haven't been going there that long, so am much more positive for the future. Plus Dan is always ready to answer emails or any queries you may have and he works at your pace. Also the reception ladies and more
Linda Lorch
16:36 12 Jul 19
KNEES ARE NOW 100% PAIN-FREE! Thanks to Dan Waldin at Fornham practice in Bury :)There are very good reasons why this practice has earned so many outstanding reviews - as dozens of other clients testify, the facilities are impressive, the rates are very reasonable and the staff are wonderfully kind and attentive. Exemplary, unhurried and consistent 'customer care' is the jewel in the crown of this practice...Dan Waldin is clearly a highly-trained, time-served expert in his field and his devotion and 100% commitment to the swift and successful diagnosis and treatment of my knee-pain issues have resulted in truly life-changing benefits.Prior to discovering Forham I had suffered months of debilitating pain in both knees that became so bad that at times I was struggling with a flight of stairs...Now I'm back in the gym and my mobility, comfort and strength is restored!Until my first visit I was ignorant to the plethora of treatments here (in truth I had previously associated 'Chiropractor' with JUST 'backs'!) But this practice really is THE place to go for ANY and ALL Muscular, tendon or skeletal issues from neck to toe! :)read more
Charlie R
08:27 11 Jul 19
Would highly recommend Jasper and his staff. They are friendly and professional. Jasper is extremely knowledgeable and employs several different modalities to tackle a problem. I am a runner that was suffering from knee/hip pain. Jasper did a full evaluation to make sure he knew the root of the problem. He recommended exercises for mobility and strength for me to supplement the program at home. My pain is gone and my running is improving. If you're in need of a chiropractor, go see them!read more
Sarah Carabell
06:43 31 May 19
The best chiropractors in Bury St Edmunds without a doubt. Lovely purpose built clinic with very friendly and helpful staff.
Tom Peary
21:56 15 May 19
Can't recommend highly enough. Had been struggling with neck and back pain for years due to poor posture exacerbated by long hours in front of the computer at work. Thanks to Dan I am now pain free and able to enjoy each day without restriction from a stiff back and neck. I will continue to see Dan for many years to come to maintain the difference his treatment has made to my quality of life. Can't thank Dan enough. Nicolaread more
Nicola Wright
12:54 28 Mar 19
One of the best chiropractic clinics in the area! Very friendly and professional staff. Jasper is wonderful at what he does and connects with you on a personal level to make you the most comfortable you can possibly more
Augustine Yu
16:49 15 Mar 19
The clinic is spotless and there is plenty of free parking. Jasper and all the staff are VERY professional, polite, and helpful. Very pleased with my experience more
Adam Klein
15:32 15 Feb 19
Spotless establishment! Very professional and all staff are very friendly and helpful. Have been seeing Genevieve and she is absolutely brilliant. Very knowledgeable and thorough with treatment and keeps you informed throughout as to what she is doing and why. For the first time in years I can say that I have actually experienced some pain relief and it is wonderful! I would, without a doubt, absolutely recommend this establishment for anyone seeking out chiropractic more
nate a
19:47 12 Feb 19
With thanks to Dan, I now function properly during the weeks. I used to have chronic neck tension which gave me constant pain and tension headaches caused from ‘tech neck’ (bad posture). It took a few sessions but it was evident very early in the treatment it was helping. The headaches were decreasing as was the pain.I really like how they use technology to assess exactly where tension is within the body - it allows the team to exactly determine the best approach and course to take. Anne is extremity friendly which is so nice to walk into very first thing in the morning. Dan is also very professsional and friendly; I often email with queries and he never fails to reply.I would definitely recommend using this clinic. I put my full trust in their knowledge and more
Jonny Turnbull
15:23 28 Jan 19
Very happy with the service I have received here. I was involved in a car accident which has caused persistent and significant pain and mobility issues. I see Dan in BSE, I have had complete control over my treatment plan, though it's led by Dan's experience and expertise. I have had to walk with a stick for some time, but since having regular sessions I am able to walk without it at times. I can highly recommend this clinic, I would not have come this far in my recovery had it not been for them! P.s. the receptionists are exceptionally kind and caring too!read more
Maria Omithilion
22:05 26 Jan 19
I can highly recommend Fornham Chiropractor Clinic for anyone living in Bury St. Edmund's and surrounding areas. The practice is super clean and the receptionists are really friendly and helpful.In terms of treatment I’ve been seeing Dan Waldin, who has been excellent in every way. He has provided me with a really well thought out and structured treatment plan and a wealth of education which I will take away with me. What I enjoy most is I can ask questions and learn about the treatment I am receiving, better health management and injury prevention, important things to me which I can take away and apply in everyday life.Big credit to the team at the clinic, they have found the perfect formula to provide exceptional service which makes you feel welcome and combined that with top quality professional treatment from the staff, leaving you with a better quality of more
James Mckellar
09:46 09 Nov 18
Highly recommend. Visited for the first time about 4 weeks ago with a very painful back. Dan has been great at sorting it out. All the staff very welcoming and friendly. Easy parkingread more
Kate Sadler
16:23 16 Oct 18
I've been to lots of Chiropractor's over the years and these guys are by far the best, I am so pleased I have found them! I felt at ease as soon as I walked into the practice and had an excellent treatment. Everything was well explained and not daunting in any way. Friendly and Professional I would highly recommend trying this practice to more
Charlie Douglas
19:39 14 Oct 18
Wonderful friendly and welcoming practice. From my first appointment with Dan I was confident he would rectify my neck and back problems and sure enough 4 weeks on he has. He really has worked his magic and I can’t thank him enough. I would highly recommend the practice to anyone in need of chiropractic more
Mandy Mount
21:05 24 Sep 18
Highly recommend!! Great team of staff who always make me feel at ease and welcome. The clinic is lovely and clean and in a beautiful setting. The treatment I have had has changed my life and I’m so grateful for the recommendation I received. I will definitely not go without treatment now I know the amazing benefits it brings. Thank you!!read more
Emma Crockwell
09:09 21 Aug 18
Seen a fair amount of Chiropractors to help with my protracted condition and it wasn’t until I came across Jasper that I have made progress. Goes above & beyond expectations - (opened up an hour early just to make sure I stay on track to recovery!).Very friendly & professional more
David Hardy
12:26 30 Jul 18
Having moved to the area and needing to find a similar Chiropractic clinic to my last, I can highly recommend Fornham Chiropractic Clinic in Bury St Edmunds with it’s easy access and free parking. The receptionists are always very welcoming and have time for you before and after your appointment. My Chiropractor Dan is just great at his job and has tailored my treatment based on my previous clinic results. My neck pain and headaches have shown great signs of improvement since I started. I always recommend Dan and the Fordham Chiropractic clinic to friends and family, keep up the great work!read more
Lawrence Shipman
13:03 16 Jul 18
Had neck and shoulder problems for years that resulted in tennis elbow type symptoms. Been seeing Dan at Fornham Chiropractic and for the first time in ages I have no arm and shoulder pain. I can't recommend highly enough. The reception staff are friendly, professional and welcoming making the whole experience a really good more
tamsin little
16:58 08 Jul 18
Very happy with the service. The atmosphere at the clinic was very relaxed and very welcoming.I was treated by Dan Waldin & was very pleased with how quickly my problem was treated. Dan comes across as a very easy to get on with guy & loves to have a laugh which makes the whole experience a joy.I will be coming back & I will be referring their clinic to friends, family and people I connect more
Eddie Willett
18:35 04 Jul 18
Fantastic, great friendly service. Offers some very useful advice for my fitness program. Very professional and will be going back for more ongoing treatment.
James Long
11:28 29 Jun 18
Highly recommend this clinic. The staff are welcoming, friendly, professional and highly experienced from the reception staff through to the chiropractors. The treatment I have received from Jasper has been tailored specifically to me using the spinal scan results from their latest technology and I have also been given advice for exercises I can do at home to help with relaxing my tightening shoulders and neck. The clinic is situated in a relaxing complex with plenty of free parking on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds making it very easy to access. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jasper, Becky and the team at Fordham Chiropractic more
Nicky Mappledoram
14:18 16 Jun 18
The service provided by the clinic has been excellent and I would definitely recommend it to anyone requiring chiropractic treatment. The receptionists are lovely and very helpful. Plus, the sweets are great!read more
Sarah Loden
13:44 12 Jun 18
I can not say enough about how great this place is. The entire staff is friendly and professional. Dan has taken the time to get to know me and what has been causing my pain which shows that he really cares about getting his patients feeling better by fixing the underlying cause. Not just treating the symptoms. I’ve only been going here for about a month but I feel the best I’ve felt in a long time. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the area, I highly suggest you check out the folks at Fornham more
Danielle Lantz
12:54 08 May 18
The welcome and care from all the staff is brilliant! When receiving treatment, the chiropractor was honest and set me up with a good plan to get my back, back to normal. Location is great and the clinic is very more
Sadie Clarke
12:29 03 May 18
I've been going to Dan for a little over a month. I have had more sleep and a better quality of life since attending. The staff is amazing. Appointment reminders are always sent out which is always helpful! I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone!read more
Suzanne Wolfe
13:17 27 Mar 18
Jasper is very experienced, professional and offers excellent advice and encouragement.I find the early morning appointments very convenient and even at 8am all the team have a welcoming smile on their face.The clinic is very clean and nicely located with loads of free parking.I wouldn't go anywhere else!read more
Bernadette McAleer
17:06 24 Mar 18
I have been seeing Dan for over three weeks now, he's an incredibly attentive and cheerful chap who always greets with a smile and an extended hand. Progress has been fantastic and I can feel my back getting stronger. The facilities and surrounding areas are relaxing, the parking is free and easily accessible and the staff are ever so friendly. The coffee is grand but the sherbet sweets are better.I chose this practice based on initial reviews and I can only echo those that have limped into the practice before me but skipped out at the end.Did I mention the sherbet sweets?, the pink ones - trust me!read more
Robby Wood
16:15 22 Mar 18
I'm a landscape gardener by trade, a couple of weeks ago I was using a jack hammer in an awkward space and damaged my shoulder. After several days of pain I booked in to see Dan at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, the next morning when I woke up my pain was 80% gone. A couple of days later I saw Dan again and the pain was completely stopped. I now have a few more sessions to put me back in shape and will be seeing him on occasion throughout the year to maintain my spine. Prevention is better than cure! Thanks more
Mike Long
09:54 14 Mar 18
My wife Vivien first visited Alex at Fornham Chiropractor Clinic with chronic back pain four weeks ago and has been having regular treatment since. The improvement after only two sessions was remarkable and has continued to improve to the point where she is now completely pain free. The staff are very pleasant and friendly, and the atmosphere very relaxing. We would have no hesitation in recomending this practice to friends and more
Rodney Mayes
17:56 08 Mar 18
I trust Jasper and his team implicitly with my back. I've had problems since I was a teenager, and - like many of us - now spend too long sitting at a desk in front of a PC. Visiting the clinic every 6-8 weeks has resolved all aches and pains in my back and shoulders. I like to think he is no longer 'fixing' it, as it is now 'prevention rather than cure', and this is down to his patience and skill. I'd recommend the clinic to anyone who needs a chiropractor - the whole set-up is friendly and professional, and from the moment I walk in there I feel like they genuinely have my best interests at heart.The new location in Fornham is stunning - it's easy to get to, plenty of parking, and the whole area has a relaxed feel about it. It's a pleasure going more
Mike Corbett
11:51 22 Dec 17
The level of care provided at Fornham Chiro is second to none, I have always felt like my health is paramount and since attending my regular appointments with Alex, i finally feel like my body is recovering after years of failed efforts by practitioners elsewhere. All staff members are welcoming, friendly and attentive. The clinic is modern with up to date equipment and is also extremely more
Nigel Croome
23:34 07 Dec 17
Jasper has been treating me at his Clinic in Milton for many years now. As I live near Bury St Edmunds I was delighted to learn that he is now practising at Hall Farm, Fornham St Martin. I can't recommend his clinics highly enough and have always been treated in an extremely professional yet friendly manner by both Jasper and his staff. An added bonus to the Hall Farm Clinic is its stunning location!read more
Carol Stacey
17:30 13 Nov 17
This clinic is in an ideal location, very easy to find and has ample parking just outside Bury St Edmunds.The service is faultless from start to finish with friendly appointment reminders by text or email to being greated by such a warm welcome from the reception team.I have seen Jasper over the last few weeks and have seen great improvements in my mobility and stiffness. There are videos on stretches and breathing techniques so you can practice at home as well as progress updates.I could not recommend this clinic enough!read more
Kathryn Darkins
19:00 07 Nov 17
Having been treated by Jasper for several years I have always found his treatment to be of the highest standard. His staff always have big smiles on their faces when you arrive and spend time making you feel most welcome. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone. I am also so impressed with the beautiful new clinic Congratulations to Jasper and more
Janet Willis
15:05 04 Nov 17
I have been to a few different Chiropractic Clinics over the years and I am so glad I found this place. Alex has been amazing, talking through and explaining in simply terms what is wrong and what treatment is required. Since a few visits I feel so much more mobile and can now get up and back to my running again. The after care is also great with them sending me video examples of the exercises I require to build my strength and hopefully preventing future back issues. Overall fantastic treatment received and the staff (especially the receptionist) are always accommodating, happy and more
james seager
10:07 03 Nov 17
Those who know me, know I don't usually write reviews, but in this case I felt I had too, as I have never come across such a professional service!!! From the moment I booked an appointment (that I got the same day I rang) to my last appointment, the treatment and service received was absolutely faultless.I saw Alex on Tuesday evening after work with chronic neck pain that was so bad I couldn't straightening my neck or turn my head. He re adjusted my neck and back, after a further two appointments that week, I was not only back to normal but had more energy and sleeping better than I have in months.His knowledge and passion was second to none, everything we discussed made complete sense. He communicated very clearly as to what was going to happen and why with my treatment. I cannot recommend Fornham Chiropractor Clinic highly enough.Big thank you to Alex and his team!!read more
Paul Gillies
11:51 01 Nov 17
Jasper has given me extensive help with several issues over the years. He has taken into account my age, activity levels and work, going above and beyond the help I have had in the past.He has also helped me with stretches and exercises, solving issues I didn’t realise I had and making my whole well being better overall.Very helpful but mainly knowledgeable across a really wide range of treatments. I would give them a 100% rating and recommend them to anyone who has a serious rehabilitation issue or just feels a bit stiff or sore.Thanks Jasper and more
Robert Taylor
19:12 03 Oct 17
Jasper and Becky have been treating me for several years and the service they provide is excellent. The clinic is spotlessly clean, receptionists very friendly and professional. More importantly the treatment always relieves the tension headaches and back pain I suffer more
Tanya Abrey
06:07 27 Sep 17
I’ve been receiving regular treatment from Jasper & Becky for many years. It has been extremely effective in preventing and stopping pain, while increasing mobility. I have a desk based job and would be in very poor way if it wasn’t for the exceptional chiropractic treatments. A very efficient and effective clinic which I highly recommend to family, friends and work colleagues on a regular basisread more
sue webb
07:59 26 Sep 17
I have been to see Jasper a couple of times now and have been extremely impressed with his professionalism and ability. The last time I saw Jasper I was in considerable pain with my neck and he found the procedure that was right for me. I have seen numerous Osteopaths and Chiropractors over the last few years with little joy but I can happily say that I will certainly be returning. Thanks again. Ben Chandlerread more
Ben Chandler
18:52 25 Sep 17
I simply will not go anywhere else after being treated by Jasper, first class service from phoning for an appointment to treatment and aftercare. Excellent!!
Natasha Moody
10:27 25 Sep 17
I have yet to meet a more qualified, more passionate about his work, more knowledgeable man than Jasper Hulscher. Furthermore his whole team are also fantastic including the lovely receptionists. After numerous visits over many years for various complaints, I have yet to leave his treatment room without a great improvement. Thanks Jasper and more
Steve Moody
10:22 25 Sep 17
I have known Jasper for a number of years and his knowledge is second to none. After suffering a herniated disc back in 2014 he has helped me to restore my life, as an active 30 year old, back to normal. He is extremely thorough and professional and I would recommend him in a more
Tomas Bushell
20:43 24 Sep 17
Myself & my husband have used Jasper & his team frequently over the past 3 years. We always receive excellent service. They are professional, thorough & can always sort all our injuries out, however tricky they may be. Highly recommended !! *****read more
11:17 08 Aug 17

Gregg Reid

“Jasper is a highly valued member of Cambridge United`s medical team and plays a crucial role in helping ensure our treatment plans for players are cutting edge, evidence based and in accordance with the latest guidelines for clinical excellence.”

Emma Rix

“Myself & my husband have used Jasper & his team frequently over the past 3 years. We always receive excellent service. They are professional, thorough & can always sort all our injuries out, however tricky they may be. Highly recommended!!”

Lyn Adkin

“Excellent service. Reception staff are very welcoming and friendly. Jasper is brilliant and gets fantastic results. Cannot recommend them enough.”

What Our Chiropractors in Bury Saint Edmunds Treat

Back Pain

Lower back pain
Sciatica & Slipped Discs
Wear & Tear

Back pain is one of the most common complaints we get, and there are many different possible reasons behind it. Our treatment plans involve advice on ways you can treat your own pain at home, as well as spinal adjustments themselves.

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Neck Pain

Neck pain and stiffness

At your chiropractic clinic in Fornham, we can help you understand what exactly is causing your neck pain, and how best to treat it.

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Migraines – tension headaches
Cervicogenic headaches

Everybody suffers from a headache at some point, but this does not mean it’s normal. Chiropractic care can tackle your headache at the source.

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Shoulder & Elbow

Shoulder Pain
Tennis Elbow
Golfers Elbow

Shoulder and elbow pain are common among those of us who like to exercise or play sports regularly. A treatment plan from Fornham Chiropractic Clinic can help relieve your pain and stop it from returning.


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Heel & Foot pain

STAR Treatment ™ System
Heel & Foot pain
Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles Tendonitis

The foot can be the source of many issues, causing pain all the way from the Achilles tendon to the back. We can work with you to create a treatment plan with deals specifically with your symptoms.

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Expert Chiropractors in Bury Saint Edmunds

Our Bury St Edmunds chiropractors are experts in the field of spinal health, able to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions and advise on issues as broad as sciatica to weight management.

One of the many ways that we have proven ourselves as a health and well-being facility is through our award winning team. Our chiropractic treatment methods have been shown time and time again to get to the source of your pain and work with you to undo the damage caused by the stresses and strains of life. We’re able to not only treat you on-site at the clinic, but also to advice you on lifestyle changes you can implement to make your treatment more effective.

Chiropractor Bury St Edmunds Appointments

At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic we help people of all ages and lifestyles to improve their health and wellbeing. From a busy office worker to a stay-at-home parent, an elite athlete to a manual labourer, a toddler to a senior citizen, chiropractic has something to offer everyone.

We treat a range of musculoskeletal disorders here at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, including arthritis, pregnancy-related back pain, wear and tear, stiffness, loss of mobility in the neck or spine, sports injuries, headaches and migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain and, of course, lower back pain.

When you arrange to meet a chiropractor in Bury St Edmunds, you have the comfort of knowing that your initial consultation won’t cost you a penny. This is a chance for you to explain your symptoms and for us to determine what kind of treatment would be best suited to you.

The care provided by your chiropractor in Bury St Edmunds will be tailored to you and your specific concerns. Through consultations, thorough examinations and state of the art technology, we will work with you to devise a holistic treatment plan which reflects your symptoms and your lifestyle overall.

Not only is our care flexible, but our clinic is too. At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, we’re available for you whenever you need us due to our flexible booking schedule for appointments. We have extended opening hours, allowing you to book morning, evening and weekend appointments if you need them. This means you needn’t worry about taking time off work to receive your treatment — we’re happy to work around your schedule.