Can Sitting Cause Diabetes?

We all know that sitting for too long is bad for you and causes all sorts of physical problems, like back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and so on.

But did you know that the act of sitting actually affects your mood and can lead to diseases like diabetes and heart problems? General movement helps to keep the sugar levels in the body within a normal range. People who are involved in desk jobs tend to be more lethargic at times. Because the body is at a rest position, sugar levels in the blood streams are under less control, tend to become higher and can lead over the long term to type 2 diabetes.

Woman Slouching According to a study in USA, people who tend to sit for longer period (more than 8 hours) without taking small breaks at all or lesser breaks tend to die of health problem earlier than those who          include a little stretch or walk as mini breaks in their routine. Having attentive posture releases certain hormones from the body which stimulates the functioning of organs and reduces physical and mental stress. Maintaining a good posture will lead to healthier you who have the ability to be cheerful, productive and less prone to diseases. It is said that ‘sitting is the new smoking’ which clearly shows the health hazards sitting has. The sitting posture we maintain has a direct physical impact on the back bone and a bad posture often results in wear and tear of the bones leading to chronic pains and bone deformation. Medical practitioners always advice to use a proper support mechanism while sitting including that for neck, lower back and tail bone at Fluxx Lab.

Exercise has a positive impact on the health and overall well being of individuals. But, yet again, it says that maintaining wrong posture while sitting can still be distressing even if a person works out well. This shows the importance of maintaining a healthy sitting posture and taking regular breaks.
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Standing desks (, walk around meetings, walking to colleagues who work on the same floor instead of emailing them, standing up with each telephone call and having a walking lunch all helps.

At Milton Chiropractic we can provide exercises that will strengthen the muscles you need in order to maintain a proper posture. Should you experience a pain when sitting, we will happy to help you with this as well.