3 of the Best Neck Exercises for People with Desk Jobs


Most office-goers are glued to their desks with their eyes on their computers. Most workers put in a good eight hours at the desk which would naturally cause muscle aches and pains in the shoulders, neck and spine.  Any exercise that is good for the neck also is good for the shoulders. So if your job entails you sit at the job the entire work time then it is a good idea to get in some exercise. Staring at the computer all day long, in one position can stiffen your neck. Besides sitting in a good posture with the spine straight you could also carry out these neck exercises to ensure that you do not suffer from a stiff neck. You could do them sitting or standing.


Neck Flexes 

Neck flexes stretchBefore you begin any exercise make sure you do shoulder shrugs and shoulder rolls to loosen the stiffness. After you have warmed up then do the exercise. However, if you have acute pain do not attempt any exercise without consulting a doctor. The best way to stretch the neck muscles is to flex the neck gently forward and backward a number of times and then left to right. Keep the neck straight with the chin parallel to the floor. Now gently tilt the neck forward to your chest in a comfortable stretch. Next raise your chin upwards to the ceiling. In the same easy motion turn your head right and then left to complete the cycle. Make sure you do not over extend or jerk your neck in any way. Just take five minutes off from your work to do this flexing even if you are seated. In a variation you could stretch your arms upwards and then interlock the fingers. Turn your palm up as you move your chin up towards the ceiling. Lower your chin and bring your arms down to your side.


Upper Trapezius Stretch

trapezius stretchThis stretch is a good way to relax the muscles between the neck and the shoulders. To target these muscles will help you to use your arms as well. Place one arm at the side and put the other hand on top of your head. Pull your head away from the arm that is not raised and is at your side. There is no requirement to tug the head but do it gently just enough to feel the stretch. Now repeat the same on the other side. You could do about three on each side.





Levator Scapula Stretch

Levator scapula stretchThe next stretch is another simple stretch that you can perform whilst sitting down. Make sure you sit on your chair with your spine tall. Grab the seat of your chair with your right hand. Tuck you chin in and turn your head to the left. Slightly bend your head forward and place your left hand around the back of your neck. Now gently pull your head forward, hold the stretch for 3 to 5 deep breaths and then repeat for the opposite side. You could do this neck exercise a number of times as it removes the strain of just keeping the neck in one position as you stare downwards into the computer.