6 Things A Chiropractor Won’t Let His Kids Do

There are quite a few things that chiropractors won’t let their kids do but here are the 6 they really don’t want their kids or any kids doing because it can be detrimental to their body health. Here is the list:


“Popping” your own back/neck occasionally, say once a week, to relieve pain or stiffness should not cause any problems. However, if a child starts doing this on a regular basis, damage might be done to their spines, and they will find themselves needing to “pop” their backs more often for relief.


Ultimately this could lead to a hypermobility problem. Hypermobility is the result of popping the spine too often for too long a time period. It occurs when the ligaments and muscles around the spine are stretched repeatedly. The muscles and ligaments of the back are like a rubber band. When you repeatedly stretch this, it will eventually lose its elasticity and will prevent the back to return to its normal position.


Child sitting legs to side

2. SITTING WITH LEGS OFF TO THE SIDE AND HIP DIAGONAL: After sitting like this on a regular basis, your hipbones become trained to be in that position. Everything is connected, and so this could be a domino effect and other spinal bones can become misalign as well.  This is just as bad as letting your kids sit on their knees and have their feet pigeon toed.




child sleep on stomach3. SLEEP ON STOMACH: You shouldn’t do this one for obvious reasons being that when you sleep on your stomach you have to turn your head to the side for long periods of time and it’s really not good for you neck. Imagine forcing your neck to the side for 10 minutes I am willing to bet that after that 10 minutes is up you will have a stiff neck. For more information about the Best and the Worst Sleeping Positions click here or for the Ultimate Mattress Guide, please click here



texting child4. TEXT NECK: When you let your kids hang their head over their devices for long periods of time they develop what is called “Text Neck” it’s like hanging a 12 pound bowling ball from your neck, which pulls and applies pressure to your spine. Every inch that your head is in the forward state it adds 10 pounds of pressure to your neck and spine.





Child head on side sofa5. LIE DOWN WITH HEAD PROPPED UP ON SIDE OF THE COUCH:  Chiropractors don’t want your children to lie like this because your neck is bent in a way it wasn’t meant to, at least not for the length of a movie or even television show.






child back pack6. WEARING BACK PACK WITH ONLY ONE STRAP ON THAT IS WAY TOO HEAVY: When a child wears their backpack with only one strap on their bodies are in an unnatural position it can lead to problems in the future. This same thing applies to carrying a backpack that is too heavy for them. It will cause the child to stand in a position he is not meant to stand, the backpack pulls the child back with its weight and so the child will lean forward to stabilize himself.