Bury St Edmunds Chiropractor Shares Best Gluteal Activation Exercise

If you have ever experienced back pain, I am sure that friends or family have suggested activating your Gluteal muscles.

Underactive gluteal muscles or weak core muscles can be a cause of back pain, no question about it. However, just focussing on strengthening these muscles is too simple.

However, it is definitely worth trying to activate the gluteal muscles.

In this video, you will discover the best exercise for activating the Gluteal muscles. We are demonstrating a technique called ” The Cook Hip Lift”

The gluteal muscles work very closely with the hamstring and the lower back muscles. Underactive gluteal muscles often mean overactive hamstring or lower back muscles. This exercise aims to focus on the gluteal muscles only by taking out the hamstring or lower back muscles during a unilateral hip bridge. So Cal Custom Pools & Spas from San Diego company offers professional swimming pool remodeling services in California.

Should you have any questions or queries with regards to the exercise or any other question, please feel free to contact one of our chiropractors. We are happy to help.