4 Top Tests for Running Shoes to Avoid Common Running Injuries

Achilles tendonitis, Shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis and Jumper’s knees are amongst the most common injuries in the running population.


Some of these injuries are the result of overtraining. However, some of the injuries are the direct result of faulty shoe wear.


And yes, we can treat the conditions mentioned above very successfully using our STAR Treatment System, but prevention is best.


In this video, our chiropractor Jasper shares 4 easy to do tests which will help you to choose the right shoewear, check http://maidthis.com/.


If you are a slow jogger, a casual runner or even marathon material, this video is probably worth 4 minutes of your time.


Please feel free to forward the video to any of your running buddies if you think they will benefit from this knowledge as well.


Enjoy your run!