Apprenticeship Program

Are you keen to gain some real-life experience in a chiropractic clinic, but are bored of only observing? Would you like to gain valuable knowledge and broaden your chiropractic horizon?


Look no further than our 2-day apprenticeship program!


Our program is designed with you in mind. Our team sat down and came up with a 2-day program that will give you practical knowledge and will boost your confidence at the same time.


Gain Practical Knowledge: Our program is designed to provide you with hands-on experience in chiropractic care. Our chiropractors will share their knowledge and expertise with you


Boost your confidence: Through our program, you will be able to build confidence in your chiropractic abilities. You will encounter real-life, patient-facing situations and will be provided with explanations and feedback on the how and why of the chosen chiropractic treatment.


Our 2-day program in a nutshell:

  • Clinical observations of New and existing patient consultations
  • Meeting with an AECC New graduate who will share his experience in his first year out.
  • How to construct the perfect Report of Findings
  • How your communication and mannerisms influence patient outcome
  • The TMJ, Discussion, and observation of treatment
  • Functional Testing (FMS) and its importance in a clinical setting
  • Explanation of the TOG orthotic foot scan and its relevance in a clinical setting
  • Children: Treatment, observation, and question time
  • Baby’s: treatment, observation, and question time


If you are interested, please fill out the application form on this page and hit the Submit button!


The closing date for the applications is Friday 12th to May

Hope to see you soon!

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