5 Top Tips for Dealing with Severe and Acute Back Pain

    Acute and Severe Back Pain is very debilitating. Our chiropractor, Jasper, shares his top 5 tips with you on what to do if you are suffering from severe and acute back pain.   Click here for a link to a video with some of the exercises as mentioned in the video. Here is […]

5 Tell Tale Signs of a Herniated Disc (Slipped Disc)

    With these classic 5 tell tale signs of a slipped (herniated) disc, one can self diagnose and start with the right and proper exercises to help yourself. If you are suffering from a slipped disc, please take a look at the exercise video we created for a slipped disc by clicking on this […]

Not Sleeping Because of Sciatica? Here Are Some Top Tips!

  When struggling with Sciatica, getting a good nights’ sleep can be very challenging. Our chiropractor Jasper from Milton and Fornham Chiropractic Clinics demonstrates in this video some of the best sleeping positions which will help relieve the Pain in the leg.   Good night and sleep tight!