Quick, Simple and Effective Exercises for Brutal Neck Pain

Usually, one only uses stretching exercises to relieve neck pain.   But an important trick is missed if one does not include neck strengthening exercises.   Neck strengthening exercises are essentially core exercises for the neck.   The difference with this video and others is that it includes three strengthening exercises for the neck which […]

Preventing Text Neck in Children

    Adults and children alike spend a lot of time looking at screens. Whether it is because of playing online games, updating social media status or watching Netflix, staring at screens has become an International pass time.   Staring at screens with the head tilted forward can have life long implications for children.   […]

Top Exercises for Better Posture.

  Our chiropractor, Jasper, shares some simple and highly effective exercises which will dramatically improve your posture. No more slouching! In this video, exercises will be shared which will increase your flexibility as well as your strength.   You might want to combine these exercises with some neck stretches for optimum result. Here are some […]