Quick, Simple and Effective Exercises for Brutal Neck Pain

Usually, one only uses stretching exercises to relieve neck pain.


But an important trick is missed if one does not include neck strengthening exercises.


Neck strengthening exercises are essentially core exercises for the neck.


The difference with this video and others is that it includes three strengthening exercises for the neck which will help reducing neck pain.


Causes of Neck Pain Neck pain can have several causes.


Working from home, lifting a baby/toddler, sleeping awkwardly and stress are the most common ones.


Workspaces which aren’t set up properly, hunched shoulders, monitors which are too low.


All of the above can lead to brutal neck pain. But neck pain can have other causes.


Constantly lifting a baby/toddler, sleeping in the wrong position or general stress can all lead to neck pain.


Our chiropractor Jasper demonstrates 5 exercises which will help to gain control over the neck pain.


The exercises are quick, simple and effective.

Good luck!