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The Achilles tendon attaches your calf muscles to your heel bone. Every time you walk, run or jump this tendon stretches and contracts, meaning that the Achilles is a part of the body put under constant strain.

Intense and continuous physical activity like running can result in painful inflammation of the Achilles over time due to the repeated stretching-and-contracting action. This inflammation is what’s known as Achilles tendonitis.

The team at Fornham Chiropractic are experienced at treating Achilles Tendonitis and many other problems of the foot or lower leg.


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Who suffers from Achilles tendonitis?

Achilles tendonitis often afflicts those who start running without properly warming up, or have a sudden increase in physical activity levels without building up slowly to allow the body to adjust. Symptoms of Achilles tendonitis include tight calf muscles, a reduced range of motion and an abnormally hot heel. IN some cases the back of the heel itself may even begin to swell.

This is one of the most common forms of foot pain, and one of the main complaints we deal with at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic.

What can Fornham Chiropractic Clinic do for your Achilles tendonitis?

In the case of conditions like Achilles tendonitis, Fornham chiropractic offers the very latest treatment techniques. Our shockwave therapy is non-invasive, completely safe and not at all painful. It releases short pulses of mechanical energy into the affected area in order to promote cell growth, restore the affected tissue back to normal and increase blood flow to the Achilles tendon.

We also pair our treatments with lifestyle changes you can incorporate into your daily routine, such as gentle exercises and stretching that you can complete at home.

The care you receive at the chiropractic clinic in Fornham is completely tailored to you

At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic we know that no two people experience a condition in the exact same way. Your lifestyle, your fitness levels and factors like your age and general health can all have an impact on how you cope with your symptoms, and how frequent and severe they are.

It may come as a surprise to learn that chiropractors can treat a lot more than just back pain. Every chiropractor in Fornham is fully qualified to evaluate, diagnose and treat a variety of physical ailments from head to toe. At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic we always try to get to the root of your symptoms in order to uncover any underlying causes.

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