Injuries to the tendon are much more common than you might think and, if left untreated, they can become chronic. Tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff pain, golfer’s elbow, Iliotibial Friction Band Syndrome, and Achilles tendinitis are just some examples of chronic tendon injuries. These conditions often result in aches, pain, discomfort, and can be debilitating. Perhaps most frustrating of all, these injuries are also notoriously difficult to treat.

However, a relatively new treatment known as shockwave therapy is proving to be incredibly effect – or to use its full title, Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

So how does it work? Well, shockwave therapy works by sending out short but powerful pulses of energy. These high-energy mechanical pulses are similar to soundwaves and they are thought to initiate microtraumas in problem areas such as joints, muscles and tendons.

By breaking up scar tissue and calcific fibroblasts, these microtraumas stimulate metabolic activity in the body and encourage the body’s natural inflammatory response. The increased blood flow and cell activity of the inflammation helps to repair damage and restore mobility, as well as reducing pain and discomfort.

A whole host of chronic tendon injuries are now being treated through the use of shockwave therapy, and with great results, too. In fact, studies have revealed a success rate of between 75-90%.

In the past, shockwave therapy was only available through a referral from your private orthopaedic consultant, but recently things have changed. Now this revolutionary, exciting, and – above all – effective method of treatment is offered to you here at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic.

If other treatments which you’ve tried in the past have not been successful, then you should consider shockwave therapy.

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The Impact of Chronic Tendon Injuries

The most common symptom of chronic tendon injury is sharp pain, but they can also have serious detrimental effects on any activities and hobbies you usually enjoy. Exercises and sports which you might have once partaken in regularly now become almost impossible because of your condition, and even taking a stroll or lifting up your children becomes difficult to the point of painful when you are suffering from one of these disorders.

The impact that these conditions have on your everyday life can be very difficult to live with, as they often lead to immediate problems surrounding your mobility. What’s worse, chronic tendon injuries can sometimes take up to two years to fully resolve, often resulting in long periods of stress, anxiety, or even depression for the sufferers of these afflictions.

Certain methods of treatment such as conventional therapies, ice, heat pads, massage, and painkilling drugs can provide some temporary relief, but they may not get rid of the problem altogether. Here at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, we have found shockwave therapy to be highly effective in tackling the underlying problems in patients – rather than just masking the pain.

We use only scientifically proven techniques in order to tackle your symptoms and give you the initial care you need. We also implement an individually tailored rehabilitation programme to make sure your recovery is as swift and comfortable as possible. This helps to ensure that your symptoms don’t return, thanks to our expert observation and advice.

We are pleased we are able to include this new and exciting therapy in our long list of available treatments. We now offer unique, effective treatments from all across the spectrum, including shockwave therapy, so there’s bound to be something that can help you with your condition.

Shockwave Therapy near Bury St Edmunds

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