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One of the most common complaints we see at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic is tennis elbow. In fact, as many as one third of us suffer from tennis elbow at some point in our lives, usually affecting adults between the ages of 40 and 60.

Tennis elbow might affect a lot of us, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a serious affliction for which you should be seeking help. It’s a common and sore musculoskeletal condition which can have consequences on our mobility, flexibility and comfort.

At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic we think it’s important for you to gain a full understanding of your condition’s causes and symptoms, so that – with our expert advice and treatments available to you – we can work together to tackle your tennis elbow, ease your recovery, and prevent the condition from returning.

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So what causes tennis elbow? Well, despite what you might think, you don’t just get tennis elbow from playing tennis – or any other racquet sport for that matter. The name refers to the fact that tennis elbow occurs through repetitive overuse of an arm. It just so happens that tennis players are particularly susceptible to this kind of affliction.

Tradespeople and manual labourers, such as painters and decorators, often come to us with tennis players. We’ve even seen violinists who suffer from tennis elbow. When you overuse the muscles attached the elbow which are used to straighten your arm, these muscles and tendons can become strained. This results in small tears and areas of inflammation, which can develop near the bony, hard lump on the outside of your elbow known as the lateral epicondyle.

There are many symptoms that can result from having tennis elbow. The most obvious, of course, is the sensation of pain on or around the elbow joint. The area around the outer elbow may feel inflamed, irritated and tender. You might also find it difficult to fully extend your arm without feeling some resistance or pain.

Tennis elbow can be painful but it can also be debilitating. For instance, you might experience difficulty when lifting or bending your arm, or when gripping small objects like pens and cutlery. You might also find it hard to turn your forearm when opening a jar or twisting a doorknob.

Gripping motions can be very painful, especially when combined with lifting, such as when pouring a kettle. You might experience stiffness in your elbow first thing in the morning, and even pins and needles in your arm.

At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, we utilise a number of treatment techniques and exercise plans to ease the symptoms of tennis elbow. Among these is our shockwave therapy treatment, which sends pulses of energy into the problem area to breakdown scar tissue and encourage blood flow to the elbow. By stimulating the body’s own healing process, the pain and pressure felt in the elbow can be reduced and mobility improved.

Our treatments will be combined with advice on helpful, gentle exercises and support for the arm. Our experts can offer lifestyle tips to help you tackle your tennis elbow at home, and the combination of all these factors will help us make sure your recovery is as swift as possible.

Unlike painkilling drugs, chiropractic targets your pain and inflammation at the source, fighting the cause as well as the symptoms. Tennis elbow is an unpleasant condition for anyone to experience, but with our help it will soon be a thing of the past.

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