For conditions like sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis and shoulder pain, chiropractic care offers a reliable an effective solution. Here at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic we believe in offering a tailored, personalised service to patients to ensure that their individual requirements are met.

Often we treat patients who have been suffering from long-term, chronic pain that they have either been managing with painkilling medication (which only serves to mask the problem) or simply by grinning and bearing the problem. Chiropractic care aims to treat pain at the source, easing the symptoms but also making meaningful corrections and improvements to the musculoskeletal system.

It works by using a combination of hands-on spinal manipulations (performed by an expert chiropractor) and a tailored treatment plan which frequently includes simple exercises you can complete yourself which work alongside your treatment to help you tackle your pain and feel like yourself again as quickly as possible.

So if you have any concerns such as lower back pain, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Fornham Chiropractic Clinic today.

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Chiropractors in Mildenhall

As one of the many popular settlements located in Suffolk, Mildenhall has the added benefit of being a traditional market town. Located conveniently close to Ipswich, the county town, Mildenhall is known for its radio station ZACK FM, its football team Mildenhall Town FC and its large Royal Air Force station. RAF Mildenhall is used by the United States Air Force as the headquarters of its 100th Air Refuelling Wing and 352nd Special Operations Group.

There is plenty to enjoy in Mildenhall, such as great schools, a cycling club, leisure centre and one of the East’s leading cricket clubs: Mildenhall Cricket Club. It also has fantastic transport links, and provides easy access to Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, making it easier than ever before to seek help for any health concerns you may have.

Here at Fornham, we treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions including common wear and tear. As we get older, aches and pains become more common. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s something you simply have to live with. Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something is wrong.

We can help to alleviate the symptoms of wear and tear by adjusting your spine and offering guidance on ways you can strengthen your body, improving your flexibility and mobility in the long run.

Why choose Fornham Chiropractic Clinic in Mildenhall

At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, we work with you every step of the way. Once we have obtained a full picture of your symptoms and your health in an initial consultation, we will fully explain our findings before outlining a plan to help you remedy issues such as tennis elbow, sciatica, neck pain or plantar fasciitis.

Following this, we will create a tailored treatment plan together, going through the kinds of treatment we would like to use. Our treatment programme will be unique to each individual and reflect everything from your age and daily lifestyle to your sporting ambitions or any other factors that we have gathered as part of our consultation.

Our team are always willing to embrace technologies that help us to diagnose, treat and monitor patients, which is why you will find that we offer some of the latest tools from our clinic in Fornham. This includes state of the art Myovision scanners and shockwave therapy treatments.

We understand just how debilitating health concern can be, which is why we do everything possible to get you feeling like yourself again as quickly as possible. So get in touch with Fornham Chiropractic Clinic today.


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