7 Ways Hip

Lack of hip strength can lead to low back pain, hip pain, knee pain as well as foot pain.   This video shares a very simple but effective exercise for the hip, which can be performed at home without any equipment, called the 7 ways hip.  

4 Top Tests for Running Shoes to Avoid Common Running Injuries

Achilles tendonitis, Shin splints, Plantar Fasciitis and Jumper’s knees are amongst the most common injuries in the running population.   Some of these injuries are the result of overtraining. However, some of the injuries are the direct result of faulty shoe wear.   And yes, we can treat the conditions mentioned above very successfully using […]

Avoid These Core Exercises! Do These Instead!

Many of these old school core exercises can actually do more harm than good. Best to avoid them altogether. Especially as there are safer, equally as effective alternative exercises to do. Same result without the back pain. Our chiropractor, Jasper, demonstrates some of the NO GO Core exercises (he actually struggles with one of them […]

New Appointment: Miss Polly Norton Associate Chiropractor

Miss Polly Norton, Associate Chiropractor   Meet Polly Norton, who will be strengthening our team from August 1st onward! Polly grew up in North Lincolnshire, loves the countryside and taking her dog out for walks! Relocating to Bury St Edmunds, therefore, seemed a logical step. Polly is a warm and smiley person but she will […]

Best Glutes Activation Exercise

In this video, you will discover the best exercise for activating the Gluteal muscles. These are often underactive when suffering from back pain. Activating these muscles before trying to strengthen them is vital for effective recovery and for reducing your back pain. The video demonstrates how to solely focus on the gluteal muscles and to […]

No more Back Pain Whilst Driving!

Many of our patients experience back pain whilst driving or traveling. And the reason is two-fold: there is the issue of being in the seated position for too long. The second reason has to do with the design of the car seat.   Have a look at this video and change your painful drive, into […]

This 1-minute Exercise = 45 minutes of Cycling!

Here is the perfect video for anyone who does is struggling to find the time to do exercises regularly. This 1-minute exercise is scientifically proven to be as effective as a 45-minute bike ride!   This video also shares tips and advice on how to easily control your diet. No gimmicks and easy to implement […]

The Truth about Omega 3 fish oil and vitamin D

This blog post is most likely going to be one of the most important blog posts on health you will read in your lifetime. Period.   I realise it is long, reading time will be approximately 7 minutes, but it will be well worth it.   This is a comment on a scientific paper which […]