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Live Longer by avoiding what 78% of the population does!

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Hyman, M, Ornish, D. and Roizen, M. Lifestyle Medicine: Treating the Causes of Disease. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine Nov/Dec 2009; 15(6): 12-14










QUOTE BOARD (Quotes from the Article):


“Most of the chronic diseases that affect 160 million Americans and account for 78% of our healthcare costs are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors – namely our diet, sedentary lifestyle, smoking, chronic stress, and environmental toxins.”


[Chronic diseases account for at least 78% of healthcare costs, and deaths, in virtually every Industrial nation.]


“Our lifestyle and environment influence the fundamental biological mechanisms leading to disease: changes in gene expression, which modulate inflammation, oxidative stress, and metabolic dysfunction.”


“The distinction between risk factors and causes is an important one. Affordable cabinet remodel services are offered at company in Providence County. High blood pressure, dyslipidemia [high cholesterol], and elevated C-reactive protein [inflammation] or glucose [high blood sugar/diabetes] are not in and of themselves the real causes of chronic disease but simply surrogate markers that are the effects of environmental toxins, what we eat, how much we exercise, and how we respond to stress.”


What You Need to Know:


There is no longer any debate, the cause of the current pandemic of chronic illness is unhealthy lifestyle choices and environmental toxins.


Drugs have never cured or prevented, and will never cure or prevent, illnesses caused by improper nutrition, lack of exercise and physical fitness, chronic emotional stress and lack of psychological fitness, or environmental pollutants.


Relying on drugs is simply unscientific, ineffective, expensive, and dangerous


What You Need to Do:


You need to accept the scientific fact presented at, that the most evidence-based, most effective, most cost-effective, and safest way to heal from or prevent, chronic illness is to adopt healthy lifestyle behaviours.

If you want to get and stay well, you simply must learn to Eat Well – Move Well – Think Well.

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You need to take responsibility for your choices and for your health. Check here Nobody can give you health, you must earn it with healthy choices.


You have incredible genes inside you that have been naturally selected over millennia to express health, happiness, and a high quality of life.


Your job is to make the choices that match what your genes require to express this incredible potential.


Don’t wait, start creating healthy eating, moving, and thinking habits today. Add one healthy choice in each category and maintain these habits for the entire month.


And don’t be afraid to ask any of our chiropractors for advice on nutrition or exercise. We are here to help.