Golfer’s Elbow isn’t limited to those people who like to play 18 holes of golf twice a week. In actual fact it can occur in anyone who suffers from repeated stress to the wrist and forearm. The condition itself causes pain where the tendons in the forearm muscles attach to the bone on the inside of the elbow. Failing to warm up properly before exercise or poor technique when lifting, throwing and hitting can all lead to the condition.

The main symptoms of Golfer’s Elbow are pain and tenderness on the inner elbow, stiffness, a lack of mobility, a weakness in the hand and wrist, numbness or even a tingling that radiates down to the fingers. You may experience the pain most acutely when doing simple activities like shaking hands, turning a doorknob, lifting weights or flexing your wrist.


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At Fornham Chiropractic Clinic, we treat a huge number of patients with a variety of different health problems. From headaches to shoulder pain to even foot pain, chiropractic care can do lot more than treat issues relating to the back.

Tendon-related complaints such as Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow are notoriously difficult to treat. But thanks to a number of modern technologies available to us at Fornham Chiropractic, we are delighted to be able to do more than ever to ease the pain caused by this condition. One of the key treatments we use is shockwave therapy. Shockwave therapy releases pulses of powerful energy into the affected area, encouraging tissue to restore itself to its primary level of function. It’s non-invasive and pain-free treatment that has proven itself to be incredibly effective. These pulses of energy are similar to soundwaves, and promote cell growth which works to repair the damaged tissue.

At Fornham Chiropractic, we also combine this treatment with a highly effective exercise programme to encourage blood flow and accelerate recovery.

At the chiropractic clinic in Fornham, your initial consultation is completely free

When you arrange your first meeting with a chiropractor in Fornham, you have the comfort of knowing that you can speak with us in person before committing to any kind of paid treatment programme. This consultation allows us to get to know you better, and determine whether chiropractic care is the right course of action for you to take. If it isn’t, we can refer to a specialist in the area you would most benefit from. If we think you should undergo chiropractic care, we can get started on creating a treatment plan tailored to you.

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