3 of the Best Exercises for a slipped disc

Just the sound of the term “slipped disc” sounds painful, doesn’t it? Like many other forms of back and neck injury, a slipped disc should be taken seriously and treated quickly to avoid longer term issues such as sciatica. In this video Jasper Hulscher Jasper outlines three of the best exercises for back pain related […]

Abdominal Breathing, diaphragmatic breathing

Shallow breathing is a common problem that often goes unnoticed. Typically, people expand their chest when they think about taking a deep breath, but even then they are not making the best use of their respiratory system. Chest breathing can even create tension and stiffness in the neck due to an incorrect use of muscles. […]

Piriformis Stretch: the best exercise for the buttocks

Most of us believe that back pain requires us to stretch the lower back on a regular basis. However, the source of discomfort in the lower back can often lie in the piriformis, located deep in the gluteal (buttock) area. Tightness in the piriformis muscle is commonly associated with spending too many hours sat at […]

Best Exercise for Improving Shoulder Mobility

Both neck pain and back pain are often associated with shoulder pain, which can be very debilitating. Here our chiropractor, Lena, demonstrates a simple, gentle exercise to help improve shoulder mobility. All you need is an elastic band, or ‘Teraband’ – available available online or at our clinic. You can perform this exercise twice a […]