Why is a foot scan a good idea?

Our feet are often the part of our body that we most overlook. We rarely think to rest them even though they carry our entire weight for most of the day. We don’t think about them much at all really, do we? But in actual fact our feet are masters of human engineering. We rely a lot on their ability to carry us every single day, which can make it both frustrating and worrying when it feels like something might be wrong.

Problems up and down the body – from our ankles and knees to our hips and even our spine – can all relate to the way our feet make contact with the floor. As the team at Fornham Chiropractic Clinic will readily explain, starting from the ground up with an orthotic foot scan can help you to make changes to your footwear that result in marked improvements in biomechanics, pain relief and even improved physical performance.

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Dealing with initial concerns

It can be tough to take the first step and come in for an initial consultation with a chiropractic clinic, but we can guarantee you’ll be glad you did. Your first visit will involve a full examination of your feet by our trained experts. This includes checking the posture of your feet, as well as looking for any common issues such as flat feet or a difference in leg length.

There are certain groups who may find themselves more at risk of foot issues, so your examination will involve an analysis of your daily habits to see if anything can be helped or changed.

People who tend to be more at risk of problems in the feet are those who stand or walk on hard surfaces for four or more hours a day – such as manual labourers, healthcare professionals, or customer service workers. Also, those who have bow legs or knock knees, or whose feet ‘toe out’ when walking might find themselves more likely to develop foot problems.

What is an orthotic foot scan?

Through this first examination, we will be able to assess whether any of these factors attribute to the problem you are having with your feet. If the answer is yes, we will recommend an orthotic foot scan.

The scan is a state of the art procedure that uses the most advanced technology to determine any issues in a fast and simple way. You don’t need to worry about the scanning process itself as it is entirely painless. All that is required to complete the scan is for you to walk across a pressure plate.

This plate is able to capture the distribution of pressure in your foot over time, using the thousands of tiny sensors which are embedded in the plate. By measuring the different aspects of your step, the computer is able to render both two- and three-dimensional representations of the pressure under your foot. This allows both you and our experts to see where you have too much or too little pressure.

Getting the information to you…

After the scanning process has been completed, the information gathered by the orthotic foot scan is gathered and summarized in a report, which can be printed for you to see. This information will allow our experts to determine whether you need orthotic therapy or chiropractic adjustments to tackle the symptoms you’re suffering from.

If and when it is decided that you would indeed benefit from orthotic therapy to help tackle your foot issues, the information gathered in the report is sent to a laboratory. In this laboratory, the results of the scan are used to manufacture your custom made orthotics – specifically designed insoles to improve your gait and your biomechanics.

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