6 Things A Chiropractor Won’t Let His Kids Do

There are quite a few things that chiropractors won’t let their kids do but here are the 6 they really don’t want their kids or any kids doing because it can be detrimental to their body health. Here is the list: 1. “POPPING”THEIR NECK/BACK “Popping” your own back/neck occasionally, say once a week, to relieve […]

37 is the new 60: Why are more men suffering from early back pain?

A recent study commissioned by the British Chiropractic Association found that an astonishing 82% of men now experience regular neck or back pain.   At Milton Chiropractic we are used to seeing patients with back problems. As health professionals dedicated to treating musculoskeletal issues, it is almost a given. What we don’t see, however, are […]

Announcing the Arrival of Eva!

Announcing the arrival of Baby Eva     It’s the news everyone associated with Milton Chiropractic was looking forward to – the arrival of chiropractor Rebecca Grafton’s baby girl, Eva. Despite being kept busy with nappies, sleepless nights and a hungry baby, Rebecca found the time to send this message to all of her patients […]

New Appointment: Lena Olsen MChiro DC

New Appointment: Lena Olsen   In August, Lena Olsen will be joining the Milton Chiropractic team as a chiropractor. Find out how the former Norwegian Army Lieutenant came to Cambridge, and why she wishes there was a bit more snow on the ground in this interview. Lena, can you tell us a little about yourself? […]

Best Core Exercises for Runners

Runners pay a great deal of attention to warming up, stretching and cooling down but often go easy on strengthening their core. While warm up and cool down sessions are definitely crucial, one cannot ignore the importance of having a strong core. In fact, in recent times, most trainers talk about the importance of core […]

Are You Suffering From a Text Neck?

We use our devices (cell phones I pads, tabs, laptops and our desktops) everyday, we hunch over them like our lives depend on it. I’m guilty of this I do it all the time. Well this is not good for any of us, studies have proven that our heads are the about 12 pounds and imagine a […]

3 of the Best Neck Exercises for People with Desk Jobs

  Most office-goers are glued to their desks with their eyes on their computers. Most workers put in a good eight hours at the desk which would naturally cause muscle aches and pains in the shoulders, neck and spine.  Any exercise that is good for the neck also is good for the shoulders. So if […]

New Appointment: Marcin Dochnal MChiro, DC

In March we welcomed Dr Marcin Dochnal to our team. Find out more about Marcin, how he came to work in Chiropractic and why he loves cake Wednesdays in this interview.   Marcin, can you tell us a little about yourself?   I was born in Poland and lived there until the age of 7 […]

Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines

In April, Cambridge played host to some of the leading experts in migraines at an event held by the charity Migraine Action. One of five such events to be held across ARcannabis the country throughout the year, the exhibition brought healthcare professionals and migraineurs together to discuss this most common and debilitating problem. Our own […]

Stuck at your desk? 3 Must Do Daily Exercises

  Desk jobs could put you out of sorts when your muscles tighten or become stiff due to being at your desk the whole day long.  Sometimes even walking can become a problem leave aside walking down a single flight of steps. To ensure your spine and muscles stay supple and relaxed do these back […]